CD and CD Cover Printing

If you are looking to satisfy your customers and the need of the market, it is better idea to go with the CD cover printing. CD cover printing is the service we offer at Pixels Dubai printing suitable for CD cases and DVD Cases. We also print directly on to CD’s and DVD’s for the best quality and you also have the option to have these varnished to give that professional look that you get when buying from store.

We use digital press for CD’s and DVD’s printing and print onto gloss for our inlays. We would like to make sure that you always get a top quality product for your CD covers so they last long and keep looking good for longer. We bring a wide range of CD’s cover that includes single pocket, two pockets, three pockets and four pockets with gloss finish.

If you are looking for printing service provider for your CD’s cover then Pixels Dubai printing will be the perfect stop for you for your printing needs in Dubai. The quality of our CD cover printing is of the highest standards and our prices prove difficult to beat. Feel free to contact us for the best printing solutions in Dubai.

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